Show Notes: Maroon 5 with Tove Lo and Phases @ Moda Center

Maroon 5 with Tove Lo and Phases @ Moda Center, Portland Oregon
October 13, 2016

This was my first time attending a concert at the Moda Center. It doesn't feel like a big place for Blazers games. It felt HUGE for a concert.

I've been to few arena shows.... Weezer, Barenaked Ladies, maybe a couple others. I'd never been to a pop show of this size.

The lighting was spectacular. I'm used to photographing shows in small venues, where I'm lucky if I can even get a decent exposure. Someday, I'll get to shoot a show this well lit.

View from the 300 level

View from the 300 level

Phases, the first opening act, was a total 80's throwback... in a good way. I especially enjoyed the bass line on "I'm in Love with my Life".

Tove Lo played a solid set, getting a huge reaction for "Talking Body" and "Habits (Stay High)". 

I'm still not sure why the Hippie Sabotage version of Habits wasn't the gigantic hit. I love that track... and I'm lukewarm on the single version.

I've been a bit of a closet Maroon 5 fan for quite a while. I don't think that my sister expected me to be as excited as I was when she invited me to the show. Thanks, Sis!

Those Maroon 5 guys work ridiculously hard to put on a show. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Some songs worked better than others in a venue that big. "Maps" sounded amazing, while "Lucky Strike" sounded muddy... at least from our upper level seats.

Adam Levine was as funny as I'd hoped.

That guy can play a guitar solo. I only wish he'd played guitar on more than a handful of songs.

Maroon 5 ended their set with a brilliantly over-the-top cover of "Let's Go Crazy" complete with fog machine. Perfect.